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Win the Day Workshop

Create YOUR perfect day in 3 hours, and 5 steps. 

“Considering that our habits create our life, there is arguably no single skill that is more important for you to learn and master than controlling your habits.” - Hal Elrod

If you could design your perfect day, what would it look like? 

Imagine with me for a moment... 

Before you is a blank planner page. It’s broken up into a 24-hour day. You have a pen. And whatever activities you write into the hours of the day, they’ll come to pass. No matter how you fill in the blanks, that’s what’s going to happen. 

What would you choose to do? It could be anything. 

Would you spend time with your family? Hang out with friends? Spend the whole day working on a project? A hobby? Travel? 

If everything that happened during that 24 hours were completely up to you...what would your day be? 

Believe it or not, taking a very close look at how you spend your time is the first step to a life of fulfillment. Because we all spend our time in ways we’d rather not. The things we HAVE to do always take priority over the things we WANT to do. 

“Well, that’s life,” we say. “Adults have responsibilities. We can’t just blow off our duties and do whatever we want.”  

To an extent, this is true. But when you step back and look at the big picture...It’s not really that simple. 

Think about it: We’re all in control of our actions. We are the masters of our own lives. And there are many things we could do to maximize our fulfillment, but don’t. Maybe because they’re too difficult. Or time-consuming. Or perhaps we just don’t know how. 

I’m here to tell you something very important: There is a better way.

Face it: if you’re not 100% happy with where you are in life, whose responsibility is that? Do you feel helpless? Lack confidence? Feel trapped in your job, your relationship, or your finances? 

 Who has more power to affect the direction of your destiny, if not you? 

If you’re reading this, then that means you’re one of my brothers. You’ve been to a Meeting of Men. We’ve probably had a coffee, or a coaching session. You may have even joined me on a retreat. 

So, you know me. You know all about how just a few years ago, I was struggling. And struggling hard. We’ve been over how trapped I felt in my life, career, and empty relationship. 

But you also know that I pulled myself out of my tailspin, and stopped focusing on the wrong things. I changed my mindset from one of scarcity to one of fulfillment. And I got my life back on-track in a big way. 

Now, I want to help you to do the same. 

To that end, I’ve put together a brand-new workshop. And it’s one I have every confidence will dramatically change the outlook of anyone and everyone who has the drive to join me, and discover how to achieve and live their best lives. 

Real talk: this is no ordinary hangout full of empty cheerleading and rehashed self-help motivation. It’s a distillation of techniques and methods I’ve pulled together from a variety of sources, disciplines, and experiences, then used as a single coherent, practical methodology to push myself out of stagnation, and into personal power. 

It’s taken me some time to really think it all through, and put it together into one streamlined system, but it’s there. It’s ready. And I’m ready.    

Are YOU ready? 

Ready to leave behind feeling empty at the end of the day? Ready to say “so long” to wasting time? Ready to get back to the essence of what makes you YOU, and start living the life you crave? The life you deserve?

If the answer is “yes,” then I’m asking you to join me. To experience the power-packed process I’ve made a big part of my life. To unlock the toolbox that has the power to make every day better than the last. 

Are you ready to win the day?